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  • Vintage clothing is a generic term for new or second hand garments originating from a previous era. The phrase is also used in connection with a retail outlet, e.g. "vintage clothing store." It can also be used as an adjective: "This dress is vintage."

  • An island country and continent in the southern hemisphere, in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, a member state of the Commonwealth of Nations; pop. 19,900,000; capital, Canberra; official language, English

  • a nation occupying the whole of the Australian continent; Aboriginal tribes are thought to have migrated from southeastern Asia 20,000 years ago; first Europeans were British convicts sent there as a penal colony

  • the smallest continent; between the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean

  • (australian) of or relating to or characteristic of Australia or its inhabitants or its languages; "Australian deserts"; "Australian aborigines"

vintage fashion australia - Dreaming of

Dreaming of Dior: Every Dress Tells a Story

Dreaming of Dior: Every Dress Tells a Story

Charlotte Smith had already had more than her fair share of fabulous dresses and adventures. She lived life to the fullest in London, Paris and New York before falling in love with Australia and making it her home.
Then she discovered that she had inherited a priceless vintage clothing collection from her American Quaker godmother, Doris Darnell.
When the boxes started arriving, they were filled with more than three thousand pieces dating from 1790 to 1995, from Dior and Chanel originals to a dainty pioneer dress.
But when she unearthed her godmother’s book of stories, the true value of what she had been given hit home. This wasn’t merely a collection of beautiful things; it was a collection of lives. Women’s lives. Tiny snapshots of our joys and disappointments, our entrances and exits, triumphant and tragic.
This is a book for any woman who knows a dress can hold a lifetime of memories.
Charlotte Smith is Curator of The Fashion and Textile Gallery in Sydney which is also home to The Darnell Collection, the 5000 piece vintage collection Charlotte inherited from her godmother, Doris Darnell. Born in Hong Kong and raised in the United States, Charlotte has a degree from Hollins College in Art History and has lived and worked in America, England, and France for Impressionist art dealers. She moved to Australia in 1998 and opened a shop selling French country antiques. Charlotte has one daughter.
Grant Cowan has worked as an illustrator on magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour and Red magazine. He studied fashion design and lived in London before moving to Australia to teach fashion illustration . Grant is a freelance fashion illustrator and works with fashion schools in Sydney.

80% (19)

1980s Australian Fashion - knitwear by Libby Peacock

1980s Australian Fashion - knitwear by Libby Peacock

Yes! More scans from my 1987 Fashion Australia book! In 1980s Australia, 'art' knitwear was inexplicably popular. Huge, chunky jumpers emblazoned with luridly kitsch designs inspired by our native flora & architectural wonders ...just perfect for our hot climate! The curious facial contortions of the model no doubt reflect her shame & discomfort at having to wear such travesties of fashion...

1980s Australian fashion - Ann Lewis

1980s Australian fashion - Ann Lewis

At last! More scans from my 1987 "Fashion Australia" book. Dress designed by Ann Lewis. What can I say? This speaks for itself in so many special ways...the 80s were a decade the likes of which we will never see again, some may be pleased at this, but I mourn the passing of a time when an outfit like this was actually considered wearable, let alone fashionable.

vintage fashion australia

vintage fashion australia

Vintage I Heart Australia Tri-Blend T-Shirt, Athletic Blue, L

Go Vintage! Superduper Popular Tri-Blend by Solid Gold Bomb

Solid Gold Bomb (SGB) is here! Printed on the American Apparel TR401 Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Track Shirt. Made of the three fabric combination (50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon), this tee retains shape and elasticity. Cotton lends both comfort and durability with the addition of Rayon, it makes for a unique texture that drapes against the body for a slim look. Made in Los Angeles, California - a superior color fastness, minimal shrinkage, fabric weight 3.7 oz/yd? (125 g/m?).

Sizing Instructions - The following measurements are displayed in both inches and centimeters. A half chest measurement can be made with an existing garment, flat on a table, measured across the chest from the base of the under arms.

Sleeve Length - XS: 8"/20cm; S: 8.25"/21cm; M: 8.5"/22cm; L: 8.75"/22cm; XL: 9"/23cm; 2XL: 9.25"/23cm; 3XL: 9.5"/24cm
Half Chest - XS: 16.5"/42cm; S: 18"/46cm; M: 20"/51cm; L: 22"/56cm; XL: 24"/61cm; 2XL: 26"/66cm; 3XL: 28"/71cm
Front Body Length - XS: 27.375"/70cm; S: 28.375"/72cm; M: 29.375"/75cm; L: 30.375"/77cm; XL: 31.375"/80cm; 2XL: 32.375"/82cm; 3XL: 33.375"/85cm

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