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Hot Fashion Style

hot fashion style

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hot fashion style - Resort Fashion:

Resort Fashion: Style in Sun-Drenched Climates

Resort Fashion: Style in Sun-Drenched Climates

Like an around-the-world vacation through resort locations and timeless fashions, the history of resort clothing is fashion at its most fun. Crossing continents, styles, and generations, the book travels through the tradition of vacation style, taking a visually stunning trip from early beach pajamas by Chanel and Schiaparelli to sailor stripes, to Pucci and Pulitzer prints, and, of course, to the bikini. Resort Fashion features rare photographs and never-before-published images by photographer legends, including Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Toni Frissell, Norman Parkinson, Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Helmut Newton, and Scavullo. The fashions showcase renowned designers from the past and present who have contributed their unique touch to resort wear, including Claire McCardell, Michael Kors, Rodarte, and many more. From Palm Beach to Montego Bay to St. Tropez, this book celebrates resort wear’s vibrant history with an allure that extends beyond runways to the most exotic, far-flung destinations.

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Walk the Walk

Walk the Walk

These pictures were taken at "Walk the Walk” at Pipeline Cafe. It was a hurley sponsored event where teens from various schools would be given hulrey clothes and then compete in a fashion show for $5000 to go to the school's art program. My school (Mid Pac) did an amazing job with creative poses at the end of the cat walk. Here she did an ariel, splits, and then went into a hand stand from there. As you can see the crowd is pretty impressed.

(Better viewed large)

IMG 4674 The legs

IMG 4674 The legs

Concert in the dutch city Deventer of the hard rock band THE NAME with female front woman Hadassa.

See the link below to visit their website or see more pictures on my site.

hot fashion style

hot fashion style

Supermodels' Beauty Secrets: Hot Tips for Style, Beauty, and Fashion from the World's Top Models

In this guide, former model and beauty magazine editor Victoria Nixon presents tips on hair-care, skin-care, make-up and style from the world's leading models. With contributions from Jerry Hall, Kate Moss, and Sophie Dahl amongst others, the volume addresses: what to wear to look taller, thinner and more stunning; how to keep your body the right weight without ever having to diet; skin-care secrets to help you always look your best; hair styles to flatter your face; the food supplements every supermodel swears by; how supermodels keep cellulite at bay; supermodels' favourite forms of exercise; the five-part supermodel stress buster; how to get catwalk confidence; and supermodels' top five classic fashion buys.

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