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Fashion Wear London

fashion wear london

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fashion wear london - Where to

Where to Wear London

Where to Wear London

Any fashion follower knows that London is a style mecca and home to some of the most fresh and artistic designers in the world. The 2006 edition of Where to Wear shows visitors where to begin and Londoners where to go next. We describe over 600 different clothing and accessories stores, ranging from the global celebrity names of Bond Street and Sloane Street to out-of-the-way treasure house that only the locals know about. You'll find the best British designers, including Paul Smith, Nicole Farhi and Betty Jackson, along with a host of brilliant vintage stores, and coverage of funky neighbourhood markets. Cool Britannia.

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Tributes at London Fashion Week

Tributes at London Fashion Week

Within the BFC pavilion at London Fashion Week a board has been placed for those attending the catwalk shows to leave their tributes for Alexander McQueen.

Lee Alexander McQueen, CBE (17 March 1969 – 11 February 2010) was an English fashion designer known for his unconventional designs and shock tactics. McQueen worked as the head designer at Givenchy for five years before founding the Alexander McQueen and McQ labels. McQueen's dramatic designs, worn by celebrities including Bjork, Lady Gaga and Rihanna, met with critical acclaim and earned him the British Designer of the Year award four times.

McQueen's death - a suicide - was announced on the afternoon of 11 February 2010. He was found dead that morning in his wardrobe by his housekeeper at his home on Green Street, London.

London Fashion

London Fashion

Overt and Covert beauty.

I have to say that in the current political climate I find this style of dress fine. These women are I believe wearing the 'Hijab', a head scarf with their faces showing.

fashion wear london

fashion wear london

What Not to Wear (Pt.2)

In What Not to Wear we established the rules for dressing to suit your body shape. While you now know which skirt to avoid and which dress length to wear, many women say they still don't know what to wear to certain occasions - a job interview, a hot date, a wedding, a school function, going on from work, or just running around. This book is occasion led. It brings together those other elements that will give you total confidence to attend any event, work in any environment, go anywhere on holiday, and feel totally appropriately dressed, FOR YOU. Whether you want your look to be casual, trendy or smart, Susannah and Trinny will show you how to sally forth with style and confidence.

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