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    fashion shows
  • (4. Fashion show) Students walk up and down the middle of the classroom as if it is a catwalk while other people take turns describing what is being worn in a stereotypically fashion show style, e.g.

  • A fashion show is an event put on by a fashion designer to showcase his or her upcoming line of clothing during Fashion Week. Fashion shows debut every season, particularly the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons. This is where the latest fashion trends are made.

  • (Fashion Show) A formatted fashion show which takes place on a runway, stage or other locations that can house an audience.

  • Direct current

  • District of Columbia: the district occupied entirely by the city of Washington; chosen by George Washington as the site of the capital of the United States and created out of land ceded by Maryland and Virginia

  • direct current: an electric current that flows in one direction steadily

  • District of Columbia

  • Augustin Pyramus de Candolle also spelt Augustin Pyrame de Candolle (4 February 1778 - 9 September 1841) was a Swiss botanist. The author abbreviation used in citing plant names he published is "DC.". He originated the idea of "Nature's war", which influenced Charles Darwin.

  • Da capo

dc fashion shows - Rob &

Rob & Big - The Complete Seasons 1 & 2 Uncensored

Rob & Big - The Complete Seasons 1 & 2 Uncensored

In the first two seasons of this reality buddy comedy from MTV and Jeff Tremaine of Jackass fame, professional street skater Rob Dyrdek and his best friend and bodyguard, Christopher "Big Black" Boykin, share a house in the Hollywood Hills, bouncing from one ridiculous moment to the next. Along with their mischievous little Bulldog, Meat Bag, aka "Meaty" and their Mini Horse, the unlikely crew make the world their playground and hit the streets on a constant quest for adventure and laughs. On this uncensored DVD, see even more from TV’s favorite new odd couple. With all 16 episodes, a ton of bonus scenes and way more Rob and Big than we were allowed to show on TV, this DVD is a must have for anyone who simply can’t get enough of this series.

Less asinine than Jackass and more "real" than The Hills, MTV's reality series Rob & Big is an entertaining diversion that mixes friendship and a few crazy stunts into each episode. In this four-disc box set, all 16 episodes from the first two seasons of the show are included. Rob Dyrdek may not be the most famous skateboarder out there, but he is charismatic, funny, and apparently has the means to charter a private jet so he can fly off to pick up his new puppy Meaty. Christopher "Big Black" Boykin is Rob's best friend and bodyguard. Boykin's size often is used as a visual gag, but he's rarely presented in a mean-spirited fashion. Even when he's showing off his girth in a G-string (don't ask), he's clearly in on the joke. The show is built around the odd couple premise of the long-time friends. But like Snoop Dogg's Father Hood, the episodes' most enjoyable elements aren't the crazy antics, but the everyday slices of life that the characters experience. Watching Dyrdek return home to the Midwest where his family clearly misses him is rather touching. And seeing Boykin's relatives prepare for a family reunion is a lot of fun. There are some episodes that obviously are set up for the cameras: Would the pals actually have purchased a time machine if they weren't being filmed to do so? And would anyone really buy a minature horse to keep their dog company (or listen to a dog psychic that tells them they need a woman in the house)? Clearly, no. But the point is that the duo has a show and knows how to entertain its audience. And instead of focusing on contrived romances or feuds with frenemies, this reality series focuses on friendship. There's also an added dose of reality when the stars of the show aren't always treated as such. The look on Dyrdek's face when he's described in a newspaper as a "C-lister" is priceless not because it's true, but because he understands his role in the Hollywood food chain. --Jae-Ha Kim

84% (9)

Fashion:District The Show

Fashion:District The Show

Fashion:District The Show - Treasury Runway

Sutra Lounge DC Fashion Show

Sutra Lounge DC Fashion Show

Sutra Lounge DC Fashion Show

dc fashion shows

dc fashion shows

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