Dc Fashion Shows : Beaded Fashion Bag

Dc Fashion Shows

dc fashion shows

    fashion shows
  • (4. Fashion show) Students walk up and down the middle of the classroom as if it is a catwalk while other people take turns describing what is being worn in a stereotypically fashion show style, e.g.

  • A fashion show is an event put on by a fashion designer to showcase his or her upcoming line of clothing during Fashion Week. Fashion shows debut every season, particularly the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons. This is where the latest fashion trends are made.

  • (Fashion Show) A formatted fashion show which takes place on a runway, stage or other locations that can house an audience.

  • Direct current

  • District of Columbia: the district occupied entirely by the city of Washington; chosen by George Washington as the site of the capital of the United States and created out of land ceded by Maryland and Virginia

  • direct current: an electric current that flows in one direction steadily

  • District of Columbia

  • Augustin Pyramus de Candolle also spelt Augustin Pyrame de Candolle (4 February 1778 - 9 September 1841) was a Swiss botanist. The author abbreviation used in citing plant names he published is "DC.". He originated the idea of "Nature's war", which influenced Charles Darwin.

  • Da capo

dc fashion shows - Rob &

Rob & Big - The Complete Seasons 1 & 2 Uncensored

Rob & Big - The Complete Seasons 1 & 2 Uncensored

In the first two seasons of this reality buddy comedy from MTV and Jeff Tremaine of Jackass fame, professional street skater Rob Dyrdek and his best friend and bodyguard, Christopher "Big Black" Boykin, share a house in the Hollywood Hills, bouncing from one ridiculous moment to the next. Along with their mischievous little Bulldog, Meat Bag, aka "Meaty" and their Mini Horse, the unlikely crew make the world their playground and hit the streets on a constant quest for adventure and laughs. On this uncensored DVD, see even more from TV’s favorite new odd couple. With all 16 episodes, a ton of bonus scenes and way more Rob and Big than we were allowed to show on TV, this DVD is a must have for anyone who simply can’t get enough of this series.

Less asinine than Jackass and more "real" than The Hills, MTV's reality series Rob & Big is an entertaining diversion that mixes friendship and a few crazy stunts into each episode. In this four-disc box set, all 16 episodes from the first two seasons of the show are included. Rob Dyrdek may not be the most famous skateboarder out there, but he is charismatic, funny, and apparently has the means to charter a private jet so he can fly off to pick up his new puppy Meaty. Christopher "Big Black" Boykin is Rob's best friend and bodyguard. Boykin's size often is used as a visual gag, but he's rarely presented in a mean-spirited fashion. Even when he's showing off his girth in a G-string (don't ask), he's clearly in on the joke. The show is built around the odd couple premise of the long-time friends. But like Snoop Dogg's Father Hood, the episodes' most enjoyable elements aren't the crazy antics, but the everyday slices of life that the characters experience. Watching Dyrdek return home to the Midwest where his family clearly misses him is rather touching. And seeing Boykin's relatives prepare for a family reunion is a lot of fun. There are some episodes that obviously are set up for the cameras: Would the pals actually have purchased a time machine if they weren't being filmed to do so? And would anyone really buy a minature horse to keep their dog company (or listen to a dog psychic that tells them they need a woman in the house)? Clearly, no. But the point is that the duo has a show and knows how to entertain its audience. And instead of focusing on contrived romances or feuds with frenemies, this reality series focuses on friendship. There's also an added dose of reality when the stars of the show aren't always treated as such. The look on Dyrdek's face when he's described in a newspaper as a "C-lister" is priceless not because it's true, but because he understands his role in the Hollywood food chain. --Jae-Ha Kim

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Fashion:District The Show

Fashion:District The Show

Fashion:District The Show - Treasury Runway

Sutra Lounge DC Fashion Show

Sutra Lounge DC Fashion Show

Sutra Lounge DC Fashion Show

dc fashion shows

dc fashion shows

Essentials Accessory Kit For The Canon EOS 60D Digital SLR Camera Includes 8GB High Speed SD Memory card + USB 2.0 High Speed Card Reader + Extended Replacement LP-E6 (2200 mAH) Battery (with Info-Chip!) + Ac/Dc Rapid Travel Charger + Deluxe Case + More

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Made with info-chip, which can show remaining time on The camera's LCD. It also can be charged by Canon original charger. 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipments and chargers, guaranteed!
Product Description
Kit Includes:
¦ 1) Digital Film - 8GB (SDHC) High-Speed Class 6 Memory Card
¦ 2) Zeikos - Zeikos Deluxe Camera Carrying Case CA38B
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¦ 4) Zeikos - Zeikos USB Reader Secure Digital 2.0
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Fashion Bag Charm

fashion bag charm

  • make out of components (often in an improvising manner); "She fashioned a tent out of a sheet and a few sticks"

  • manner: how something is done or how it happens; "her dignified manner"; "his rapid manner of talking"; "their nomadic mode of existence"; "in the characteristic New York style"; "a lonely way of life"; "in an abrasive fashion"

  • Make into a particular or the required form

  • Use materials to make into

  • characteristic or habitual practice

  • An attractive or alluring characteristic

  • appeal: attractiveness that interests or pleases or stimulates; "his smile was part of his appeal to her"

  • control by magic spells, as by practicing witchcraft

  • The power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration

  • A small ornament worn on a necklace or bracelet

  • capture: attract; cause to be enamored; "She captured all the men's hearts"

  • (of a hunter) Succeed in killing or catching an animal

  • capture or kill, as in hunting; "bag a few pheasants"

  • a flexible container with a single opening; "he stuffed his laundry into a large bag"

  • Put (something) in a bag

  • Succeed in securing (something)

  • hang loosely, like an empty bag

[315:365] Ima Have Mah Gaytah Bitecho Hedoff

[315:365] Ima Have Mah Gaytah Bitecho Hedoff

Mkay yeah this is like Sh!t Week 101. Awesomeness. This is my lacoste bag from Paul haha :) I like my little alligator :)

Late start at school again ( i love those things -- oh and i was actually LATE for the late start hahaha ), then after school was the first home wrestling meet! YAYAYAY. Lots of fun :)

Sorry for all the crap i'm postingg. Oops. My bad.




Een vriendin gaf me wat van haar oude juwelen en vroeg of ik van de onderdelen een nieuwe tashanger wilde maken,
A friend gave me some of her old jewelry and asked me to make her a bag-charm from the parts.

fashion bag charm

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Fashion Merchandising Internships : Japan Men Fashion 2011.

Fashion Merchandising Internships

fashion merchandising internships

    fashion merchandising
  • In the retail industry, a buyer is someone who decides what items will be stocked in a store, based on his or her predictions about what will be popular with shoppers. Retail buyers usually works closely with designers, and attend trade fairs and fashion shows to observe trends.

  • (Fashion Merchandise) Products that may have cyclical sales due to changing tastes and life-styles.

  • (intern) work as an intern; "The young doctor is interning at the Medical Center this year"

  • (intern) an advanced student or graduate in medicine gaining supervised practical experience (`houseman' is a British term)

  • (intern) deprive of freedom; "During WW II, Japanese were interned in camps in the West"

fashion merchandising internships - The Fashion

The Fashion Intern (2nd Edition)

The Fashion Intern (2nd Edition)

A pivotal point in the student career, the internship provides real-world experience within the guided realm of academia. To help students gain the most from this experience, this comprehensive and easy to read new edition first guides students in preparing to search for and secure an internship, and then challenges the student to critique the internship organization from the perspective of a business analyst. In this way, the student may primarily work in one area of the business, but must be exposed to the business in its entirety in order to complete the text, gaining a holistic view of the company. Information on emerging fashion career options in communications and entrepreneurship, international internship opportunities, and the role of technological tools as today's job seeker's marketing package. Interns in fashion merchandising, retailing, design, product development, promotion, and production will end up with a polished and professional product for their portfolio.

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Color Forms 027

Color Forms 027

Love the ghostly complexion. Toshnonova doesn't look as much like Chelsea Clinton in this photo. This is only her 20th do over. She is a vintage Greneker from 1980, and the first mannequin I ever owned. I salvaged her from going into the trash heap as the design director at Garfinkle's Department Store (where I was completing a summer, visual merchandising internship in 1986) decided she was useless. He didn't want anyone to have her, so the visual manager snuck her out of the building for me. She's been everywhere with me and has had a number of repairs from being banged and dropped. Needless to say, she's had a hard life.

DSC 5775e

DSC 5775e

Connecticut junior, Jenna Green, an Apparel Merchandising major, playfully blows a bubble while wearing a nostalgic floral headband and a string of retro pearls. Green received an internship with popular fashion magazine "Teen Vogue" in New York. TanyaMoutzalias/GrandCentralMagazine

fashion merchandising internships

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Fashion News Stories - Pictures Of 60s Fashion

Fashion News Stories

fashion news stories

    news stories
  • (news story) news article: an article reporting news

  • (News Story) In a newspaper, a story about an event that has just taken place.

  • (news story) An objective article written about an event or situation.

  • manner: how something is done or how it happens; "her dignified manner"; "his rapid manner of talking"; "their nomadic mode of existence"; "in the characteristic New York style"; "a lonely way of life"; "in an abrasive fashion"

  • make out of components (often in an improvising manner); "She fashioned a tent out of a sheet and a few sticks"

  • Make into a particular or the required form

  • characteristic or habitual practice

  • Use materials to make into

fashion news stories - Helena Rubinstein's

Helena Rubinstein's Book of the Sun: Entire Story on Tanning, Makeup, Hair Care, Fashion, Body Care, Medical News, Diet and Exercise

Helena Rubinstein's Book of the Sun: Entire Story on Tanning, Makeup, Hair Care, Fashion, Body Care, Medical News, Diet and Exercise

For anyone who delights in the joys of life in the sun, this book is the essential guide. Here is the first book that gives the reader the entire inside and outside story - tanning, makeup, hair care, fashion, body care, the good and bad medical news, diet and exercise-on the one heavenly body that makes us both feel and look good. You'll learn how lotions, sunblocks, sunscreens and oils work and what to look for when buying. It will show you the ideal style of bathing suit for your body shape and how to select the right pair of sunglasses for you. There are excellent tips on exercise, nutrition and diet to get you ready for the beach. You'll also find solutions to coping with sunburn and peeling, choosing the right makeup, and so much more. In addition, the book gives us the fascinating lore and traditions of the sun from astronomers, physicists, the ancient Greeks, and astrologers. Even a guide as to where to stay at 200 of the world's great sun spots is included. Illustrated throughout.

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UNHCR News Story: For resettled refugees in Baltimore, many needs, one destination

UNHCR News Story: For resettled refugees in Baltimore, many needs, one destination

Baltimore's resettlement centre brings together five organizations providing newly arrived refugees with comprehensive integration assistance.
UNHCR / T. Irwin / October 2010

BALTIMORE, United States, October 22 (UNHCR) – Two years after he first arrived here, Ahmed al Badri, a former refugee from Iraq, returned to the Baltimore Resettlement Centre.

The facility provides assistance to hundreds of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants each year, but Badri's purpose was simply to catch up with some of the staff who helped him get started in a city known to many television viewers as the setting of the gritty police drama, "The Wire."

Badri arrived in Baltimore with his wife and young son in October 2008 after being referred for resettlement by UNHCR in Amman, Jordan. Like all resettled refugees starting out in this city, his first bewildering day in the United States began at the resettlement centre.

Now working as a repairman for a major retailer, and looking after his parents who joined the family last year, he's also training to become a truck driver. "Life in the United States is good, but hard," he said. "You have to work hard to get by. I couldn't have done it on my own."

In most US cities, accessing the assistance available to ease the integration of newly arrived refugees requires visiting different agencies in different locations. Baltimore's "one-stop shopping" approach, which brings together five government and non-profit organizations under the same roof, provides refugees with help in finding a job, learning English, receiving vaccinations as well as psycho-social support – all for a single bus fare.

"The resettlement centre makes accessing services easier for new arrivals, but it also allows us to provide those services in a more comprehensive and effective manner," said Robert Dira, executive director with the International Rescue Committee, one of two non-profit agencies working at the centre. "Working side-by-side with other organizations, we can talk to each other and follow up on beneficiaries' progress and more easily address any gaps."

Three years ago, Chandra Bajgai was receiving advice on everything from finding a job to using Baltimore's transit system. Today, the former refugee from Bhutan is working for the newly-formed Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA). From his cubicle at the resettlement centre, Bajgai helps Bhutanese refugees – one of the largest refugee groups arriving in the United States – to surmount the many challenges that come with starting new lives in a new country. The most pressing for most is to learn English.

Bajgai's first job was as a cashier in a parking garage and, though he considered himself able to get by in English, he was stunned to find on his first day at work that he couldn't understand a word his colleagues were saying. "They spoke so fast, it could have been a different language," he recalled. "Now there are more of us here to help new families. It's easier than it was at the beginning."

With the unemployment rate in the United States above 9 per cent, the entry level jobs that were a refugee's traditional path into the workforce are harder to find. Mamadou Sy, who works for Lutheran Social Services, runs the centre's employment outreach programme.

In the past, he says, local employers would hire groups of resettled refugees. Today, it's more likely to be one or two. "When a refugee is interviewed for a job, it's more common now that he'll be competing with a US-born applicant who's fluent in English. It wasn't like that in the past," said Sy.

The employment unit continues to place refugees in jobs at a higher than anticipated rate, an accomplishment Sy puts down to a recognition on the part of employers of the new arrivals' determination to succeed in the US. But he concedes that wages are low, often little above the state minimum wage.

Though they are quicker to adapt to American life than their parents, refugee children face their own challenges. Bullying at school is common as is being pulled out of class to assist a parent who can't speak English. Parents may also not be able to help with home work or engage in their child's school life. A grant from the Federal Office of Refugee Resettlement allows the centre to run a youth outreach programme that works with 150 resettled children every year.

"We need to keep educating the community about the refugees who are coming here," said Robert Dira. "We support the refugees when they arrive, but we also have to inform the people they are going to be living and working alongside who these news residents are, where they've come from and how they got here."

In addition to the International Rescue Committee and Lutheran Social Services, the resettlement centre brings together Baltimore City Community College, Baltimore Medical Systems and the Maryland Department of Social S

UNHCR News Story: Q&A: A humble rice farmer from Cambodia teaches reconciliation

UNHCR News Story: Q&A: A humble rice farmer from Cambodia teaches reconciliation

Cambodian refugees in Site 2 refugee camp in Thailand.
UNHCR / H. J. Davies / June 1992

Q&A: A humble rice farmer from Cambodia teaches reconciliation.

BANGKOK, Thailand, September 17 (UNHCR) – New Zealand film-maker Stanley Harper has worked with artists such as Roman Polanski and the late Sir John Gielgud. But no one has captivated him quite as much as a Cambodian grandmother called Yan Chheing, a refugee who became the star of a documentary Harper worked on for 18 years, chronicling the parallel lives of her extended family, half of whom went to a refugee camp in Thailand while half remained in their village in Cambodia. The resulting film, "Cambodia Dreams," was praised by India's The Hindu newspaper as a work that "connected a family, reconciled a community, rebuilt hope in a ravaged country." Harper, who now lives in Cambodia, sat down recently in Bangkok to talk with Kitty McKinsey, UNHCR Senior Regional Public Information Officer for Asia.

You originally wanted to finish the film in 1992 before the repatriation that year of some 350,000 Cambodian refugees in Thailand. What happened?

Most of our funding came from a very wealthy Thai businessman. We had taken the [refugee] family home early and finished filming in April 1992, but in May 1992 there was a coup in Thailand and his company barred him from putting any more money into our project. So it crashed. That was the end of it. I tried again many times, in '93, '95 and '97 to raise funding to get the film finished.

Over the years you have actually made three films about this family. What drew you back to them?

I made my first film for the BBC Global Reports Special for the UN Year of Peace 1986 and that's where I met my family, as some of those forgotten by peace. I thought this grandmother, this former rice farmer, was so special. She had been living in refugee camps since 1980 and she had a memory of what Cambodia was in times of peace and prosperity, but her grandchildren had all been born in refugee camps and knew nothing except handouts and living behind fences.

The first time I went back to see my family in their village [in 1997], I hadn't been back since 1991. I remember being a bit depressed about them because it didn't seem like they had made leaps and jumps. That night when I was back at the hotel it hit me that I had seen a miracle and I had almost missed it. The mother and the daughter were still together. It was reconciliation and it was lasting. They had come together and they had stayed together. I realized the film was even more important. It is a real story about why it is positive to help people in need. It does work.

In the film, one member of the family who stayed in Cambodia envies the ones who are refugees in Thailand. Did that surprise you?

No, not at all. Cambodia had just come through the Khmer Rouge and, before that, roughly five years of civil war. It was just devastated. The granny was the leader of the refugees, the spokesperson for the camp: "We want to live and work for ourselves. We want to go home. We don't want to be behind a fence. We don't want to live on charity." And she remembers her dream of Cambodia as it was, everything was perfect.

And then there's Tha, her daughter, who's the spokesperson for the villagers who stayed behind. Tha's daughter died because she couldn't get medicine, but the refugees have free medical care. Those inside Cambodia had nothing and no help and those in the border camps had everything – Western medicine, food, shelter, water, they didn't even have to work. They could just sit around and have a good time. That was the feeling – paradise, what more do you want?

For me this film shows one good thing: the real model for dealing with a refugee problem. It was locally contained, regionally resolved, and the people went home. That's amazing.

Cambodia Dreams is set in Thailand and Cambodia, but does it have meaning to people in other parts of the world?

I think it's timeless and universal. It could be anywhere in the world. What is it about? It is about belonging. It's largely about tenacity, the resilience of humanity to overcome, to hold fast to a dream, not lose sight of it and achieve it. It's a really beautiful, pure, wonderful story about generosity, humanity, love, forgiveness, reconciliation. There is not one word of politics in that film. No one is right and no one is wrong.

You got a lot of support from UN agencies to make your film, but there isn't one word of propaganda for the United Nations in the film. At the same time, what do you think the film implicitly says about the UN?M

The film is very much the essence of what the whole UN was set up for. It's the spirit, the heart and the soul of the UN. The essence of the UN is inherent in the film: helping people in any mess is positive.

The film was shown in Cambodia last year. What was the reaction?

I showed the fi

fashion news stories

fashion news stories

CaseCrown Pocket Satchel Case for iriver Story HD Digital EBook Reader- News Style

Protect and carry your iriver Story HD Digital EBook Reader with maximum protection and style! The unique exterior is made out of durable nylon, allowing a water resistant surface and zipper scratch free use. This pocket case is lined with premium quality shock absorbing double memory foam to protect your device from both superficial and mechanical damage. The dual zipper allows you to charge the iriver while the case is zipped closed! The four internal straps hold the device in place so you can use it even with the case open. Use the front pocket to store any additional accessories and essentials. This case is available in different designs! Treat your iriver right with this case - the most supportive and secure companion for your eBook!

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Fashion photography styles : 1940s french fashion.

Fashion Photography Styles

fashion photography styles

  • A way of painting, writing, composing, building, etc., characteristic of a particular period, place, person, or movement

  • A way of using language

  • A manner of doing something

  • (style) designate by an identifying term; "They styled their nation `The Confederate States'"

  • (style) manner: how something is done or how it happens; "her dignified manner"; "his rapid manner of talking"; "their nomadic mode of existence"; "in the characteristic New York style"; "a lonely way of life"; "in an abrasive fashion"

  • (style) make consistent with a certain fashion or style; "Style my hair"; "style the dress"

fashion photography styles - Mrs. O:

Mrs. O: The Face of Fashion Democracy

Mrs. O: The Face of Fashion Democracy

Celebrated for her style and substance, Michelle Obama has transformed the role of first lady and become a 21st century icon, attracting attention from all over the world. The qualities so admired in her - intelligence, strength and charisma - radiate through her personal style, which has united accessibility with high-wattage glamour. The clothes, like the woman, feel both familiar and inspirational. Readily mixing high-end labels with more affordable brands, with a focus on craftsmanship and artistry, Mrs. O has elevated the notion of real value and ushered in a new era of "fashion democracy".

Building on the success of Mrs-O.org - the Web site that chronicles Michelle Obama's style - MRS. O: THE FACE OF FASHION DEMOCRACYtakes a closer look at America's modern style icon, featuring more than 120 photographs of the first lady and delving into the back story of her clothes and accessories. It also goes behind the scenes with interviews from her favorite designers, including Isabel Toledo, Jason Wu, Michael Kors, Maria Pinto and Isaac Mizrahi.

Opening with a brief overview of Michelle Obama's early years, the book goes on to provide rarely seen photos from behind-the-scenes on the presidential primary trail through the 2008 Democratic National Convention, the monumental events of election night, the inauguration and early chapters of life in the White House. The final chapter hears the opinions of Mrs. O's adoring fans - giving the last word to the people.

Original photographs of Michelle Obama's most iconic looks, along with commentary from fashion experts, top off this tactile visual feast. Woven together with sketches and illustration inspired by the first lady, the book reveals the story of a new era of American fashion.

89% (16)

Rhonda Alderson TDR Style Contest

Rhonda Alderson TDR Style Contest

Style Card:
TDR *YS&YS* Soho boots
TDR -Glam Affair - Nina V-Day 01
TDR [ glow ] studio - Bolder. eyelashes - She
TDR [CheerNo] Hair AURORA [3.1N]
TDR LBD Bo cherry
PurpleMoon Metallic Red Nails
PurpleMoon Tattoo Hairbase in Midnight Brown
{ glow ] studio Sagacity Earrings

From most recent fashion shoot.

From most recent fashion shoot.

More on the way as they are completed. This is shot inside a fireplace in a Victorian brownstone in Brooklyn, NY.

Makeup by Nonie Lohakarn.
Photography by Christine Taylor

fashion photography styles

fashion photography styles

Audrey Style

Everyone, it seems, is a fan of Audrey's. She was Gigi, a princess, Holly Golightly, a nun, Maid Marian, even an angel. And we believed her in every role. But Audrey Hepburn was also one of the most admired and emulated women of the twentieth century, who encouraged women to discover and highlight their own strength. By example, she not only changed the way women dress--she forever altered the way they viewed themselves.
But Audrey Hepburn's beauty was more than skin deep. "You know the Audrey you saw onscreen? Audrey was like that in real life, only a million times better," says designer Jeffrey Banks. For the first time, this style biography reveals the details--fashion and otherwise--that contributed so greatly to Audrey's appeal. Drawing on original interviews with Hubert de Givenchy, Gregory Peck, Nancy Reagan, Doris Brynner, and Audrey Wilder, as well as reminiscences of professional friends like Steven Spielberg, Ralph Lauren, noted Hollywood photographer Bob Willoughby, Steven Meisel, and Kevyn Aucoin, Audrey Style brings the Audrey her family and friends loved to life.
With more than ninety color and black-and-white photographs, many of which have never before been published, and original designer sketches from Edith Head, Hubert de Givenchy, Vera Wang, Manolo Blahnik, Alexander McQueen, and others, Audrey Style gives measure to the grace, humor, intelligence, generosity, and inimitable fashion sense that was Audrey Hepburn.

In 1953, When Audrey Hepburn burst onto the screen in Roman Holiday, she forever changed the international ideal of elegance, grace, and beauty. Suddenly, glamour and even sexiness seemed attainable for women everywhere; Audrey was uncommonly beautiful, but she was real--hers was a look anyone could aim for, but few could pull off as effortlessly or effectively. By mixing a few classic elements of "Audrey style"--the little black dress, ballet flats with slim capri pants, bold hats and sunglasses--suburban housewives became more Hollywood than Hoboken in an instant.
Here author Pamela Clarke Keogh introduces us to the woman behind the clothes, using words from friends, fellow actors, and designers who dressed her to paint a picture of a truly remarkable woman. A humanitarian, artist, friend, and above all, survivor, Audrey inspired women and men alike to approach life with spirit, grace, and simplicity. The nearly 100 color and black-and-white photographs, paired with original sketches from such fashion luminaries as Givenchy, Manolo Blahnik, and Vera Wang, show that Audrey was much more than a beautiful, well-dressed personality; her courage and individuality come shining through in every page. --Leah Ball

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